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   For many years the thermal waters of Harkany had been widely recommended for their healing powers but in October 1824 at a meeting of the Baranya County Assembly the councillors formally raised the issue of using the waters as a Spa. In the history of the baths this date can be considered to have been the first year of the Spa at Harkany.

In 1828 Antal Batthyany built a Spa Hotel - this is now building A of the hospital -and later in 1844 the modern and imposing bathhouse was completed which for a long time was considered one of the jewels of Harkany.

On 15th October 1955 the Medicinal Spa Hospital of the Baranya County Council, the direct predecessor of the current hospital, opened with 120 beds. Within 20 years, with the advent of ’Wellness Tourism’, it was treating its first foreign in-patients. Since the 1980s the current hospital with its 270 beds, has treated approximately 4,100 - 4,200 patients annually including those requiring rehabilitation from rheumatism and motor disorders as well as those suffering from gynecological disorders and psoriasis. In 1991 the hospital became a teaching hospital for the Pecs University of Medicine.

In a ceremony on the 15th of October 2005 the hospital took the name of Vilmos Zsigmondy, who was a pioneer in geothermic research in Hungary. His name was made primarily through the successful drilling of artesian wells.

The medicinal waters of Harkány have made a name for themselves amongst those with motor disorders, as well as those suffering from psoriasis and chronic gynecological inflammations.






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